Kids Zone Childcare Limited aims to give your child(ren) the best possible Nursery care and education. Our provision will be continually reviewed, appraised and developed to ensure that we maintain our own very high standards and to meet and exceed the requirements of Ofsted and your expectations as parents.


Kids Zone Nursery is mindful that child(ren) are individuals and we believe that this is a crucial stage in their development and their early experiences lay the foundation for their future. Therefore, we begin a gradual transition from play based learning to the more structured learning process as soon as we feel each child is mature enough to do so.

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Within our nursery, each child follows a pre-determined Learning Journey and Activity Plan we will be guided by the individual child, their choices and thirst for knowledge and will encourage each child to develop their confidence and self-esteem to ensure they reach their full potential. To this end we have a record of achievement, compiled by nursery staff, parents and the child themselves. Children demonstrate a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and staff will encourage them to explore their surroundings.

Children need to make sense of the world through curiosity, discovery and involvement in guided activities, set at the right level for their  individual capabilities. Their social and emotional needs must be met also and this is considered to be of paramount importance in small children. We provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment in which fosters physical, emotional social, cultural and cognitive development, within the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Children like to feel that they have one or two “special people” who not only know and understand them but can also comfort them when they need it. These special people are called “Key people”.

Children are provided with a healthy snack and drink, mid morning and afternoon.

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